A Home from Home - in Älmhult

How do you like to sleep? In Älmhult you’ll find accommodation to suit all tastes – everything from a manor house hotel to guesthouses, camping and cottages. In autumn 2016 IKEA opened a hotel, which is be the biggest in Småland with 500 beds!

In Älmhult you’ve always got the forest just around the corner so why not stay in one of the many cottages available to rent? The dream of your own perfect spot by a lake, surrounded by woodland but not far from the nearest town, can now come true.

At Sjöstugans camping you get to enjoy a great camping holiday, stay in a cottage or in a hotel – in the middle of the forest of Småland with amazing views over lake Möckeln. Basically there’s a range of accommodation to suit every taste or wallet.

Nestling amid several nature reserves and close to Lake Möckeln there’s the beautiful Möckelsnäs Herrgård, a gorgeous manor house hotel and the picturesque guesthouse Pensionat Björkelund.

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