Gustafsforsleden 4,5 km

Driving directions: From Älmhult, go north-west towards Pjätteryd, 7 km, take left at the sign 'Gustavsfors'.

The area is along the Helge river. At several places there are remains of ancient industrial activity. More information is available along the walking-trail.

Kronan 1,2 km

Driving directions:From Älmhult follow Linnéleden north for about 5 km, take left directly after the church at Stenbrohult, then go another 5 km.

Stroll around and discover the life at Kronan nature reserve. 

On yesterday's paths  ("På gårdagens stigar") 5 km

Driving directions: The starting-point for this path, next to the road from Älmhult to Pjätteryd, is indicated by the sign 'KULTURSTIG 5 KM'.

Follow the footpaths shown on the map below (a 5 km walking-trail) and take the opportunity to see the remains of several old settlements and the today almost forgotten undertakings that provided for the bare necessities for the local population in the parish of South Pjätteryd in the 19th century. Large families and poor farming conditions made it necessary to find additional sources of income. This particular area was famous for its tar burning and pitch cooking.

Each numbered spot on the map indicates a historical monument. Information signs are posted at each site.    

  1. "Jättakast" and "Bloms room"opens in new window
  2. Ruins of Shagga-Katrin's hutopens in new window
  3. Ruins of a small water millopens in new window
  4. Holy wellopens in new window
  5. Stone-wall (as it was built)opens in new window
  6. Charcoal burning ground and the remains of a charcoal burner's hut opens in new window
  7. Tar groveopens in new window
  8. Tar pineopens in new window
  9. Gravel pitopens in new window
  10. Bisterhyltan. A deserted farm with an unusual well, and remains of a mattock and gun smithyopens in new window
  11. Cattle pathopens in new window
  12. Remains of pitch boiling ovenopens in new window
  13. Plague cementeryopens in new window
  14. Remains of a dam and water driven roofing-shingle machineopens in new window
  15. Brännefalls meadow (marshy hayfield)opens in new window
  16. Potato pitopens in new window
  17. Ruins of "Knektatorp" (a soldier's croft)opens in new window
  18. Fossil brun-beaten woodlandopens in new window
  19. "Jordbäralyckan" Deserted crofter's holdingopens in new window

Please, follow the orange markings. Have a nice walk!

Miniatyr karta På gårdagen

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Scania tour (Skånerundan) 4,4 km

The tour starts and ends at OK Älmes klubbstuga, Klöxhult, Älmhult.

Älmhult Local Society's cultural walk in the border country.

For this walk in the woods, we have selected some relics from the old peasant and crofter society - a completely different lifestyle compared to that of our modern era. Signs with texts and diagrams briefly explain how the local people lived and worked in the border country from the 17th to the 19th century.

  • Start and goalopens in new window
  1. Samuel's croftopens in new window
  2. Memory "The cannon"opens in new window
  3. Björkelund (Hjertson's ruin)opens in new window
  4. Tar pineopens in new window
  5. (a) The border to Skåneopens in new window (b) Border stoneopens in new window
  6. Narrarp croft (ruin)opens in new window
  7. Pitch cooking ovensopens in new window
  8. Potato clampopens in new window
  9. Stone wallopens in new window
  10. Aspholmen croft ruin and junipersopens in new window
  11. Wolf pitopens in new window
  12. Rock - "Harastenen"opens in new window
Miniatyr Skånerundan

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Såganäs recreation ground 2 km

Driving directions: From Älmhult, 5 km north on road 23, turn left towards Såganäs.

A smiling part of the southern Småland nature, with memories from an old farmer's culture in the birth parish of the "flower king" Carl Linnaeus.

About 30 signs describe different tree species, and other places of of cultural significance.

Miniatyrkarta Såganäs

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